november 20, 2020
Victory care - Helping patients

A showdown with the paper empire

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they encounter the real life of the local version of National Health Services. upfront, just let me be strait and say that I have the utmost respect for everyone working in our local health care services. They work hard, are very competent, and while have enormous responsibilities they still manage to provide […]
november 19, 2020

In the name of …… ……

Welcome to our part of the world, Victor(y) Care ! We are Kamilla, Mads and Nishil 🙂 – and we work with a team of developers, designer and content writer and advisors to bring Victor(y) Care to life. We designed Victor(y) Care for Kamilla and Mads’ son Victor Elliot. Victor Elliot was born with a Glul1 defect. At first there […]